Saturday, October 26, 2019

The Complex Songs at wuk theater quartier, Radio Corax radio live broadcast of Halle- Germany 2019.

Listen here: Complex Songs 20           


Many thanks to the singers, Angelina Ivanova and Lorenz Pfützenreuter,
and Marcus-Andreas Mohr for the photos

Friday, September 30, 2016

How To Make a Complex song like a bird? Work in progress (2016-2017)

Work in progress 2016-2017 from Sara Hamdy on Vimeo.
Work in progress (2016) from Sara Hamdy on Vimeo.

This is my currently work on progress,  which I try through it to create a parallel narratives from subjects like madness and obsession by using a very closed format like (singing), and a very non musical format like philosophical writings, and do an Improvisational songs from these writings in a very aesthetic and emotional  way.


I still have to work on learning more of the Oriental singing (Makamat) because every Makam has it's starting and ending tone and it's very athletical music form and very expressive way for emotions like love, lost, sadness, fear...ect.


In this video I read directly from a translated to Arabic version of (The history of Madness) by Michelle Foucault.


this is a extend to my earlier project (How to make a complicated song like a bird).




                                                             wings dictionary 2016

Sculptures, 2016-2017

Work in progress.

Experiment number .1, Simulation of bird’s voices.

The search spin around 2 main 

- Mechanism - Obsession

Trying through these spins to understand the behavior of the birds and their relationship to the place they stay in, and how they are making a small and big colonies through their voices to save their kind from other birds species or other animals, and how this could relate with the way the communities, and the languages itself are began .

On the other hand I am also interested in the status of the acoustic chaos which birds made in there daily life and there is an attempt to relate this acoustic chaos with the idea of obsession which I can notice when I follow them and make a very simple maps of their sound frequencies trying to embody the emerging status of those sounds and working to find other forms from there sound .

A Sound piece of Birds and Drawing map 

Virtual drawing signs to form a voice of a bird
found image from (The middle ear) book 2013
  Text by
 Daniel Paul Schreber
from his book (memories of my nervous illness)
  Translated to Arabic by Doa Aly

refrences I read now:

Madness and civilization by Michel Foucault.
Memoirs of My Nervous Illness by Daniel Paul-Schreber.
All about birds from the internet.


Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Transformation (Birds,Moons and A Song from The Space)


this project was mix of watercolor paintings of birds,mono-printed moons and an old TV set connected to a laptop.I started this work as part of the Parenthesis workshop which took a place at (CIC) The Contemporary Image Collective, me and 5 other emerging artists were trying to develop our art practices by read and discuss the fifteen thesis on contemporary art by Alain Badiou with the artists Ahmed Nagy-Doa Ali-Osama Dawod who were mentoring use during this workshop.

The idea of this work began with a really personal way of express my feeling about the life and how I sow the existence itself as a kind of conquer,I was trying to make a connection between the life cycle of the birds with the the change of the lunar phase to express the need to live within a certain forced cycle, so I started to draw a lot of birds while they dying or mating or migrating with two salient sides of the moon, and while I was reading about birds and moons and also about how the life Itself had began, I learn that when the big bang event happened there were a millions of the signals from the outer space actually are still coming to the earth, and can reach us, so I tried to know how we can feel these signals and I searched with astronomers from Cairo University and also from the internet articles and with non-professional or astronomy fans on the internet communities, and found a solution, because the analog TVs could collect these signals ,when we set the tv buttons between the channels, we can receive these signals as a whit noise, and it could be 1% from that noise from the TV are an outer-space signals, from that I had know that I can make a live sound installation from this analog TV, and to control the sound of the noise I connected it to a laptop with (Ableton) the sound editing program , to make an effect on the sound which is coming from the TV, this effect can collect every few minutes part of the noise and manipulated it to be bigger and cleaner frequency, hoping to be this is the empty message from outer space to us.

Mixed Media and Sound Installation,2012

details from the work 

(10-15)sm_water color on cotton paper 


60*60, 2 prints- ink on paper,2012

60*40,colored prints- oil on paper, 2012

More about the exhibition , Here
and Here, the exhibition documentation video by Medrar TV